Sunday, October 6, 2013

festivals, walks and good moments

This past week has been all about getting into routines and getting comfortable with each other. I'm already using my teaching skills including behavior analysis and person centered planning. Thank you professors! :)
One of my favorite parts of this program is the lack of a big barrier between employees and clients. First and foremost Camphill sees the people we work with as human beings. That means there's much more freedom to do things with friends. Last Saturday morning, I picked up Lisa from her house and we went for a hike. We ended up sitting next to a lake and listening to Celtic music, something we both enjoy. It was just a nice relaxing time with a friend. That's the way life should be.

We still have many classes in the afternoons. This week we added yoga and felting both are a lot of fun. On Fridays there is an adult education course. This week the subject was different types of rocks and how they are formed. Its great when you utilize the resources around you to use as teaching tools.

This past weekend was my first festival. Its called St. Michaelmas. It celebrates the harvest and also conquering your fears. We collected one of every vegetable, fruit, flowers, and even milk that we have at Camphill and placed them on a alter made of hay bales. It makes you realize how much we get from the land. It's pretty amazing.

I went on a long hike yesterday through the countryside and to a beach. It felt so good to just be walking in the sunshine, breathing fresh air. I finally feel at peace, I can enjoy the world around me without stressing that I'm neglecting an assignment or exam. Its a good feeling.



New pics for October:

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