Sunday, November 10, 2013

Looking through a window

I'm not sure if everyone has given up on me writing, (rightfully so) but I have something to share and I promise it was worth the wait.

This past week has been one of the greatest of my life. Its given me a view of how life could be. It was a special week when communities from all over Ireland come together to make music together. In the course of a week we build our own orchestra, everyone participates no matter our level of musical ability. The orchestra is divided into four parts. There is a percussion section made up of African drums, blocks and more. There is a traditional section that is made up of instruments like violins, harps,  and flutes. The third section is bells, which I was part of. The final group was the polycords. Polycords look like dulcimers, but each cord on it is the same note. so no matter which string is hit the same note is played. the polycord members are seated together based on which note they have.  when the conductor points to a group they play the note together. Its like a big harp made up of 30 people. The sound it creates together is pretty amazing.

The first day of practice, I was amazed how together everyone already was, the commonality of having a passion for music, seem to cut out all stereotypes and limitations. From that point on, I was truly given a lesson on how wonderful life can be when you stop paying attention to differences but instead focus on what we have in common.

It was so nice because everyone could be their self, it was okay if someone got really excited and started bouncing up or down. Katrina decided she wanted to help conduct and she had so much fun with it. She actually helped conduct one of the pieces at the concert.

As part of the week, the drumming group from our community performed in a local theater. The process leading up to the concert was so much fun. It was really nice to finally share what we had worked on with everyone. And because one of the guys is super awesome, I can now share it with you as well!

There was a moment in the week when we were at a pub with other communities relaxing and enjoying the music. We filled the floor dancing in circles, I was twirling and jumping with Katrina, watching her laugh and smile. Everyone around me young, old and all abilities danced sharing the love of the music. Just at that moment I felt all my passions, feelings and thoughts collide together in perfect harmony. It didn't matter where I'd been or where I was going. What I had done or not done.
 I felt like I was where I was suppose to be exactly at that moment, at that place.
At that moment I finally felt complete.

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