Monday, January 28, 2013

Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral

One of my favorite places in Cork was the St. Fin Barre's Cathedral on Bishop's Street.

it was built on the site of 7th century monastery. Though the cathedral was built later, part of the grounds and   the cemetery seem to date back to those earlier times. 
There is a stone wall that in-circles it, when you step through the gate you feel like you've time traveled. 

Every time you look at St. Fin, there is something new to look at. There are gargoyles and small statues on every ledge. 

When I walked around the path, I noticed that there were old grave tablets used as stones around the base of the church.

 The inside is just as beautiful as the outside, when you walk in, it kindly takes your breath away.

St. Fin Barre's is use to having visitors and some of the older member act as tour guides. I had a chance to talk to an older gentleman, you could tell that hes very proud of it and can see its beauty. He told me the best time to see the cathedral was during a special service they do Sunday mornings with the Church's choir. I love music and singing so I couldn't pass up the chance to hear how music sounded in this place. So I went back the next morning, its an amazing sound. The church has a fairly small choir but it felt like the whole church has been built around the choir's pews so the sound resounded in every corner. It was a beautiful, beautiful sound.

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