Monday, January 28, 2013

True Green

At the London airport its kindly like a rat race. the airport is a series of mazes and security points to get through before your plane leaves. By the time you get to the terminal everyone seems frazzled. 
When I reached the Ireland terminal, I was definitely frazzled but I noticed something...everything was calm and relaxing. It's hard to explain but both there and on the plane was calm. there wasn't people rushing to get in first, on the plane everyone including the staff seemed as comfortable as you would be on a town bus. It was so different from the previous flights where everyone seemed rushed and worrying about this and that. 

I lucked out and had a window seat on the way into Ireland.
My first view was absolutely beautiful. They always tell you that Ireland is green but that's an understatement. The fields are the brightest green you've ever seen and it goes for miles and miles. Even the clouds above are a wispy white so different from the clouds we're use to.  I think I fell in love with Ireland right then.  

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