Friday, February 1, 2013

St. Bridget's Day

 Today was St. Bridget's Day in Ireland. St. Bridget is the patron saint of Ireland, she was known for helping others without asking for anything in return. The holiday isn't large like Christmas but its a bit like President's day.

 To celebrate the day, Primary schools (Elementary) create St. Bridget's Crosses out of reeds to honor her.

Its fairly easy and just requires folding the reeds over each other in a pattern. 

My class joined in and we helped each student make one to take home. 

We had Irish music playing on the smart board as they crafted and by the time we were done reeds were everywhere. :)  When I was helping Ellyson, ( the one sitting on my lap.) she enjoyed tangling and smashing the reeds between her fingers. Hers ended up being a little bit ragged when we finished it!

So, these are my kids :)
from left to right:
Laura, Evan, Elias, Ellyson, and Georgia.
Each very unique and amazing.

Each day, I'm getting the chance to know them better. Georgia is kindly in her own world and for most of the week, she hasn't been sure about what to think of me. Today I went with her to BrainGym. Its kindly a sensory program. We sit in a dark room with soft music and the aides do soft movements with the students like moving arms and rubbing pressure points. I worked with Georgia, at first she was very rigid but slowly she started to focus on me, and started to allow me to do more movements. I let her take the lead, and slowly we started working together. It was the most amazing feeling, it felt like we were connected and by the time we finished both she and I were completely relaxed. These little moments are why I love what I do. 

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