Friday, February 8, 2013

Why Technology is Fantastic

To counter act the previous blog, let me say that today went much better! Extra sunshine turned students frowns upside down and it made my day so much better seeing them smiling and laughing again. 

Why Technology is Fantastic!

So as a teacher I've know for awhile that technology is a great classroom tool and I've had some great experiences with them especially via the epic-ness of Jason and Carla Ellis. :)

In the past two weeks, I've seen some of the best examples of why teachers should use technology. 
The classroom I'm working with recently received a Smart-board and I-pad and they have open some major doors for the students.

Elia is one of my two boys in the class. He's very happy go lucky and is usually the one laughing. He tends to space out a lot and its hard to get him to focus on a project or activity you put in front of him.
BUT the moment you put him in the front of the Smart-board magic happens.  

He loves it so much and its helped his ability to focus and track moving objects. It always makes me smiling watching him use it.

Ellyson is one of my other students that has benefited. She's my energy ball that's always on the go. I'm lucky if  I can get her focused on something for 30 seconds. 

The Ipad has been fantastic for her.

The graphics on the Ipad catches her attention and she is able to focus on it much longer then a book. The fact that its portable means that it can go with her when shes hopping around too.

Best invention ever made is the hard rubber cover that is on it. the pad has been dropped, bounced and thrown and somehow still remains in one piece by the end of the day.

Seeing these kids interacting with technology is a big reminder to myself to never underestimate the use of technology in my own classrooms. 

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