Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My real age

Hello Everyone!

Recent tidbits:

Woke up early and went to the beach, got my feet in the ocean of course :)

 Just as I started to walk back to the house, I saw this behind me!


 The rainbow was so bright that reflected off the water, it was pretty amazing.

Later I went to town with Sophie, one of the other co-workers. We took the long way around that follows the entrance of the bay. There is some rocks along it that look exactly like old drift wood until you touch it.
We hosted the community meal for the week. I made blackberry cobbler, using berries I had picked along the road. It turned out pretty good even with me converting measurements. :)
In the afternoon we took a group to Inch beach that is outside Dingle: 

I spent the time running barefoot in and out of the water with one of the co-worker's 4 year old daughter. She speaks only German and I English  but we both understood running around and being silly together. I have decided that I'm actually  a 4 year old, I just pretend to be older :)

This is Thomas, one of our friends in the community, his version of a good day at the beach is a coke, a bit of chocolate and a soft sand dune to sit on.
There is a small group in Dingle that does Zumba each Monday night, I join a group from Camphill that was going including my housemate and friend Katrina:
I had heard that Katrina is a great dancer and they were right, she was fantastic! She was totally in to it singing the songs and dancing her heart out, I had so much fun dancing with her. I need to learn some of her moves. :) 

More to come!  Hope everyone is having a good week!


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