Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Random thoughts of the day

As I reach the 7th day here I have some random thoughts:
1. I really should remember that light switches are outside the rooms instead of fumbling around in the dark every time.
2. There is a old barber shop song about me or at least about a girl named Katie: 
Some of the older staff knew the song so they practiced it before I came so they could sing it to me. Its quickly becoming my theme song around the land. One of the guys has started to sing it every time he sees me. :)
3. There is a difference between a coffee pot, a herbal tea pot and a black tea pot. And if you mix them up, everyone ends up pouring the wrong drinks. :)
4. There is no such thing as a sunny day or a rainy day in dingle, most days have both! 
5. Its interesting talking to people from different countries who have studied special education as well but they have different experiences and trainings.
6. There is evidently a recipe called chutney. it calls for both apples and tomatoes. I'm intrigued but also slightly wary. :)
7. I need to catch up on sleep so I can spend sometime outside watching the stars.
Good night all!

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